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Swedish Career Coaching By Gustaf Willhelm Hellstedt

Looking for a Career Coach in Sweden?

As a Career Coach, Gustaf Hellstedt helps individuals who want to find a fulfilling career in Sweden by focusing on their strengths, values, and interests. Gustaf has worked with hundreds of job seekers, recent graduates, adults considering a career change, or many that re-entered the workforce have benefited from working with him as a career coach in Sweden. He helps to establish professional goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles that may be in the way.

What does Gustaf as a career coach do?

As a Swedish career coach Gustaf offers a range of services. On one side is the personal development of career coaching that helps you answer the big questions in life such as, "What are you passionate about?", "What do you really want to do in life?", and "What "career" legacy do you want to leave behind?". On the other end of the career, coaching side are the technical job searching services such as resume optimization, preparing for job interviews, developing job searching skills and setting up a LinkedIn Profile that makes companies interested in you.

What are the benefits of hiring Gustaf Hellstedt as a job coach?

First of all Support - As a job coach and Mentor Gustaf and his team are always there for you. He actively listen to what you are saying and what you aren’t saying. He will create a safe environment where you are comfortable and can talk without judgment.

Structure and accountability - As your coach, Gustaf will set up regular coaching meetings with you (by phone or in-person) and assist in developing a plan to achieve your career goals. He will provide the necessary accountability for you to achieve and exceed your goals, far faster than you would on your own.

Focus - As your career coach, Gustaf will help you focus on what you really want to do and where you want to do it by identifying your values, interests, talents and passion.

Boost your Confidence and your personal brand - As an experienced Career coach Gustaf can give you better awareness of your strengths, accomplishments, unique value proposition and your own personal brand.

Can career coach Gustaf help me find a job in Sweden?

Yes! Gustaf has helped hundreds of new grads, mid-life career changers, or those re-entering the workforce after several years find a job.

Can career coach Gustaf help me write a resume and prepare for interviews?

Yes! Whether this is your very first resume and interview, or you’re transitioning into a new career and need to highlight different skills and strengths Gustaf will help you.


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