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Business Consulting

The goal of my consulting is to help your organization or business to improve performance. There is a hierarchy of the consulting, here are the basics; My starting point is to find out what your problems are and what you want to accomplish. Basically, what you expect from me. I make a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem. From here we together work on what needs to be done through 1:1 meeting, workshops. Important is to build a consensus and commitment around corrective action among the involved parties in the business. Communication is key. I continue to assist during the implementations face of the changes and I facilitating client learning—that is, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future. This will permanently improve your organizational effectiveness.

We offer external advice within:

  • Corporate & Business strategy

  • Management consulting

  • Change & Project management

  • Sales, Marketing & Communication

  • Leadership & Personal development

  • Risk Management

  • Due Diligence on human capital

  • Turnaround

  • Post-Merger Implementation

  • Entrepreneurship Coaching

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