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How To Get Your
Dream Job Book

Are you finding the whole process of finding a job stressful, scary, and it's becoming more and more difficult to actually land a job?

Lost your job? Want a career change? Are you ready for the challenge of getting out there and sell yourself? Can you package the brand called "You" in a good manner that will appeal to your future employer?


Don’t worry if you can’t, because in my book " How To Get Your Dream Job" I will teach you everything that you need to know. You will learn how to create and optimize your CV, personal letter, prepare you for job interviews and give you the tools and strategies necessary to stand out in todays job market.

Who is this book for?

This comprehensive book can benefit everyone that looks for a new job or career. It doesn't matter in what field you're working. Whether you're a nurse, a software developer, a graphic designer, an editor, a lawyer - whatever you do - this book is for you.

  • If you're actively looking for a job - this book will tremendously help you to find a job

  • If you plan to look for a job in the future - this book will prepare you for that

  • If you're a business owner or a freelance - this book will help you land new clients and gigs

  • Even if you don't plan to look for a new job - you can still benefit from this book, as it will teach you some important conversation and negotiation techniques.

Whats included?

The Complete Guide
Getting Your Dream Job 

In this book you will learn

Block 1

Session 1 – SWOT

Session 2 – Characteristics

Session 3 – The Pitch

Session 4 – Curriculum Vitae, the CV

Block 2

Session 5 – SMART

Session 6 – Ad Analysing

Session 7 – CCL – Cold Calling List


Session 8 – Cover Letter

Block 3

Session 9 – Networking

Session 10 – TWC, Three Way Communication method

Session 11 – A Brand Called You

Session 12 – Interview Situations

Online Course | How To Get Your Dream Job

  • Best Value

    Get Your Dream Job

    Includes 12 sessions as a total
    • - TBS – Three Block System
    • - Consists of three blocks of information & tips
    • - How to craft the perfect CV
    • - Comprehensive course & Training material
    • - How to prepare for a job interview
    • - How to conduct a video interview
    • - How to negotiate the best salary
Stat Course

Meet Gustaf-W. Hellstedt

Job Coach - Startup Consult - Inspirational Speaker - Business Developer - Career Coach

Business Growth Specialist - Sales Booster - Startup Mentor 

Making people grow and succeed is something I'm really passionate about.


Over the last 6 -8 month alone I have held over 750 career coaching calls with clients, plus hosted around 50 lectures online, about job searching subjects. This includes social selling and how to build your personal brand in an attractive way.


To help more people on their journey towards a new job and a fulfilling career I decided to release this online course.



  • Vice President TNOC - The Number One Club

  • Associate of ConectoMed

  • Associate of Sturebadet Health

  • Associate of British School of Etiquette

  • Member of Styrelseakademi

  • Member of Mesh

  • FOUNDER, H & Partner Global Vision (business development specialists)

  • FOUNDER, (Humanus Debita) HD Method for Due Diligence™

  • FOUNDER, TheExclusiveReviewClub™


  • CEO and CO-FOUNDER, Fishtank Ltd –“A global phenomenon” (As seen on CNN, BBC, NY Times, Barbara Walters, Jay Leno, Colbert Report, etc.) Business development, marketing and growth.

  • VICE PRESIDENT, YaTak (IT Firm). Marketing and growth.

  • CHAIRMAN and FOUNDER, Alert All (IT Firm within security). Business development and growth.

  • ADVISOR, BAE Systems - Intelligence & Security. Marketing strategies.

  • ADVISOR, CBRN Academy (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear). Business development and growth.


Do You Prefer Private Mentoring ?


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Gustaf is among the most positive-oriented people I have had the pleasure to meet. I have had the privilege of attending a series of inspirational lectures held by Gustaf and give him my highest recommendations. Gustaf is not only a natural and gifted speaker but insightful and imminently practical for today’s business leaders and professionals. Through his hands-on approach, I got the tools to communicate effectively in challenging situations.

Charlotte Al

Khalili Sales


A storyteller with a perfect mix of knowledge, experience, and humor.

I have been a client of Gustaf for 3 months. During this period, the sessions have been performed via Teams due to Covid-19.

He has the ability to lecture with humor and engage the group.


Gustaf is straightforward and clear, always sees the positive in a situation, and always welcomes a discussion. For me, Gustaf has been a great advisor, good support, and a brilliant coach who does his job with empathy and joy.

Caisa Littorin
Referral to Gustaf W. Hellstedt Career coach.jpg

Gustaf is a genuine and engaging leader. I would say he is a bridge between people from the most unique backgrounds bringing out the best from every individual or organization.


He is also one of my most trustworthy advisors in anything related to my personal growth and my business growth. I can sincerely recommend anyone from any background to work with Gustaf.

Andrea de Giorgio

Researcher, Knowledge Engineer

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