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The word PATIENCE can be defined to be the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

When some people want something, they want it now. They will take what they can get now, rather than waiting a little for something better.

But did we really get what we were waiting for, or did we lower our standards to get it sooner?

Patience goes counter to our instincts. Patience is something that must be learned and practiced. I have been married, I have had " a few" relationships, I have three wonderful children and I train dogs. On top of that, I coach people, all on very different levels on their life journey. Yes, patience is a virtue, trust me 😂. Some of my female friends say that I am the perfect company when they go shopping since I have such patience. Well girls.., to go shopping with you, one has to be able to relax in the present but also kind of just float away into another world…. 😇

But there is also what I call the three “P” method to success.

Having patience, being persistent plus have perseverance are the keys to accomplishments. Sadly, many suffer from the severe sickness of the fourth “P” – procrastination. To be able to reach the vision and not only the goals one needs to have the three good “P” in place.


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