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Personality tests to help you learn more about yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses

Author: Gustaf-Wilhelm Hellstedt

Personality tests can be useful for a number of reasons. These tests can help you learn more about yourself and better understand both your strengths and weaknesses. For example, your results might indicate that you rate high on the personality trait of leadership.

Predict real-world job performance using our scientifically validated test. Find out more about a candidate for a job. Why not have your management team tested?

Work in a way and with the things you are best suited for.

Based on the five-factor model, our unique personality and value test allow you to get to know yourself or your applicants as real people – not as pieces of paper.

Interested to learn more about the personality test? Get in contact with us!

A high or a low bar indicates a personality trait that is prominent. Neuroticism is the tendency to be emotional and become anxious. Extraversion is the tendency to be outward-looking. Openness is the tendency to be interested in new things. Agreeableness is the tendency to want to cooperate. Conscientiousness is the tendency to be efficient and results-oriented

Are you looking for a job, are you recruiting, have you just gone through an M&A process, and wonder about the managing team you now have?

This is part of a Due Diligence process on the human capital in a business. The real working capital in a company is the people. Get to know them and make sure they feel at home. The workplace is our second home, we normally spend more time with our coworkers than with our families.

Time to find out who you are?

Time to find out more about your team?

Time to find out more about your board members?

Basis for decision

Personality profiling gives you all the facts and information about yourself or a candidate. Our report is unique in the way that it gives the recipient information about anti-social behavior and an indication of how you, or the candidate, compared to the population in abilities such as learning, ability to maintain relationships, entrepreneurship, etc.

The report is used to advantage in recruitment, appointment of board members, assessment of management teams, post-merger integration plus several areas of use.

Due Diligence

Our model gives you all the information you need to know about yourself or the individuals you intend to invest in. You have the knowledge of the business idea you want to invest in and we can assist if the individual and/or group possesses the characteristics required to reach the set goals. Five-Factor The model identifies traits such as conscientiousness, honesty, and the ability to work together. Profiling is a unique way for you to learn everything you need to know about the individuals whose idea you intend to invest in.

Personal development / Management group development

For the really far-sighted and brave management teams, we can run one or more sessions together with you.

However, we are not interested in the classic tools, instead, we use personality profiling to reveal structures and find opportunities in your group.

Facts about the test

The most validated scientifically platform

The Five-Factor Model has been under development for some 80 years, from the use of language, scientific statistics, and professional use, which makes it the most founded personality model there is.

Today, this model dominates all areas within research and partitioning, work psychology and psychiatrists included, and it is the most researched model.

It captures what other kvasi-scientific tests will capture ( HPI, HDS, Myers-Briggs), but has better reliability and predictive validity (the ability to predict behavior). The model is both easy to understand and to use and it is used within the fields of biology, neuroscience, and psychiatric research.

The most reliable platform

It is the psychometric superior model within science (next to intelligence).

FFM has proven itself very stable over time and thereby gives the possibility to predict feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

The most valid platform

The Five-Factor Model can predict where one will move and live, well-being, loyalty, performance, values, etc., which makes it the most predictive model, also within one's professional life. It can scope out normal behavior as well as destructive traits, which can save an employer a lot of stress, money, and time. Due to this, it will help minimize risk (uncertainty) in all aspects of recruiting and development.

The most equal platform

The FFM doesn't discriminate background, sex, or race. It leaves no room for whitewashing or other social layers that will express themselves in a meeting or other type of interaction.

The algorithm in this test, which is based on what is called the Five-Factor Model, has been created by; Petri Kajonius (Senior Lecturer and Associate professor) & Victor Sunnliden (Bachelor of Social Psychology)

The test is available in multiple languages, including English & Swedish.

Interested to learn more? Get in contact with us!


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